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Mechanism of new anticonvulsant unraveled: how it “sticks” to the target

Epilepsy is a common disorder, affecting 1 in every 100 people worldwide. However, an overwhelming number of patients develop resistance to common medications, requiring new classes or improved versions of existing drugs. In the...


Unwrapping the action of a new diabetes drug: leptin

Researchers have unraveled the metabolic pathway of a new promising anti-diabetic agent, leptin. Leptin effectively reduces blood glucose in diabetic mice by depleting substrates critical for energy production in the body, according to a...


Poison? Potion? — Snake venom as heart attack treatment

Snakebites can be deadly, but their poisons could be a lifesaver. This glossy green snake is an Eastern green mamba (Dendroaspis angusticeps), found throughout the eastern Africa. Don’t be fooled by its lack of...


Repairing the injured heart — Regenerative medicine takes another step forward

Think heart failure is incurable? Think again. Regenerative medicine could restore an injured heart – just by an injection to the heart. Regenerative medicine is an increasingly popular field in the health sciences. Whereas...


Growing back the hair — Bioengineered organ replacement therapy

Organ replacement regenerative therapy is one of the intensely studied areas in medical science. It promises the possibility of replacing organs that are damaged by disease, injury, and aging. Rather than transplanting an organ...

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