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Unwrapping the action of a new diabetes drug: leptin

Researchers have unraveled the metabolic pathway of a new promising anti-diabetic agent, leptin. Leptin effectively reduces blood glucose in diabetic mice by depleting substrates critical for energy production in the body, according to a...


Smithsonian Gardens’ Orchids: Interlocking Science and Beauty

Smithsonian Gardens and the United States Botanic Garden are hosting the 20th annual orchid exhibition, titled “Orchids: Interlocking Science and Beauty.” Visitors will have a chance to admire over 300 orchids on display each day...


Call for Entries: Science Photography

The Royal Photography Society is seeking the world’s best scientific and engineering images. The photo competition, International Images for Science 2015, is open to photographers from all walks of life: scientists, engineers, students, and...

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