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About this website:
The goal of this website is to report fascinating research findings from Vancouver, Canada, and around the world, with a focus on life sciences, health, and SciArt (the beautiful, artistic side of science). Using my extensive scientific background, I write digestible science news that retains accuracy from the original research papers.

I have strong ties to life sciences research at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada. I have done research there for a number of years and obtained Honours Bachelor of Science and Doctoral degrees. Life sciences research at UBC is top-notch, led by world-class scientists; UBC ranks #1 in Canada and #20 in the world for this subject area. Their research findings greatly impact the health of Canadians and many more across the globe. Visit Something About Science or subscribe to learn about the latest discoveries in this important field of science. Click here or on the Life Sciences @ UBC tab at the top of the page to jump right in!

About me:
I am a scientist-turned-writer, bilingual in Japanese and English, with a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Biochemistry is the chemistry of life, and Molecular Biology is the study of biological activities at the level of cellular components, like DNA and proteins. I am interested in things that happen inside our bodies, such as what happens when you drink alcohol, what does it mean to have mutations, and how can we treat diseases like cancer and heart failure. I also have a wide range of interest, from different areas of science, popular culture, to arts and music.

Structure of a protein

Structures of proteins, such as this one, help us understand how proteins function and design better drugs. Click on the image to learn more about how scientists determine structures of molecules that are invisible under the microscope.