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Dogs are not good at solving puzzles

Welcome to the first science comics on Something About Science! Enjoy an illustrated (and humorous/cute) summary of a research paper:



A new study shows that dogs are more dependent than wolves when it comes to problem-solving. Dogs and wolves were presented with a solvable puzzle box, consisting of a topper ware holding a treat, which can be opened by pulling on a rope. Wolves persisted on the challenge and paid little attention to the human present. On the other hand, dogs soon gave up on the effort and looked back at the human for guidance. Wolves were more successful on working out the puzzle than dogs. The study demonstrates that dogs are more attuned to getting directions from human guardians.

The above comics is based on a research article titled, When dogs look back: inhibition of independent problem-solving behaviour in domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) compared with wolves (Canis lupus), as published in Biology Letters (2015).

For more information, check out the news coverage on Science:

PS: I hope you enjoyed the comics! It’s been years since I’ve drawn anything (other than chemical structures, that is), but bear with me and it should improve in no time!

Lynn Kimlicka

I am a scientist-turned writer and editor, who loves to read and write (more than doing experiments). I have a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology, with a specialization in structural biology. My interests range widely, from life sciences to pop culture and arts to music. I am bilingual in English and Japanese.

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  1. Jeanie L says:

    Love the illustration, especially the twinkly eyes and the little heart <3

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