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How to publish in high-tier journals

Photo credit: Nenyaki on Flickr

Photo credit: Nenyaki on Flickr

“Publish or perish holds true in most research environments, but a single publication in a high-tier journal can make a huge impact on one’s academic career path. For this reason, Kyle Vogan, a senior editor at Nature Genetics, provided insider publishing tips May 20 to early-career scientists at the Naturejobs Career Expo in Boston on how to land a paper in one’s dream journal.”

Above quote is a link to an article I recently wrote for Naturejobs (“the world’s leading dedicated science jobs board”) as a journalist covering Naturejobs Career Expo held in Boston. The article gives you tips on how to prepare a manuscript aimed at high-impact journals, whether you are a budding scientist, established researcher, or just curious what makes a “great” paper.

Special thanks to Robin Lloyd, editor at Scientific American, for great edits and writing tips and to Julie Gould, editor at Naturejobs, for giving me this opportunity! 🙂

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