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Story of ants: how they build a raft from memory

Do ants rely on memory to work together? Apparently, yes. A research group at the University of California, Riverside, showed that ants remember their positions within the ant-made rafts. A species of ant, Formica...


Microbes that can live on electricity

  Previously, only two types of autotrophs (organisms that can produce nutrients from simple inorganic substances, such as carbon dioxide) were known: those that use light as the energy source (phototrophs) and those that...


Trans-Pacific transport of aerosols — North America gets an equal load of overseas aerosols as domestically emitted

Do you fly across continents? Are you fond of imported goods? Apparently, passengers and commercial goods are not the only ones making intercontinental transits. Aerosols, or tiny particles suspended in the air, are also...

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